Can you make acoustic violin sound electric?

Trystan Jones asked a question: Can you make acoustic violin sound electric?
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👋 What is an acoustic violin?

An acoustic violin is a violin which is not enhanced electrically. Acoustic violins are commonly referred to as classical violins.

👋 How does a violin make sound?

  • The vibration resonated from the string and the body excites the air molecules around the violin, creating a wave that we perceive as sound. DOMINANT PHYSICS: The String The vibration (and therefore the sound) is affected by three main variables: The tension of the string. At the end of the violin is the pegbox, where the pegs are (duh!).

👋 What is acoustic sound therapy?

  • Sound therapy, sometimes called acoustic therapy, can make the ringing or buzzing in your ears caused by tinnitus less noticeable. It won't cure the condition. But it can make it easier to live with. The therapy was originally developed as a distraction for people who have tinnitus.

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You can attach a microphone to it and amplify the sound.

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What does a tuning fork sound like on a violin?
  • Currently, the most common tuning fork sounds the note of A = 440 Hz, the standard concert pitch that many orchestras use. That A is the pitch of the violin's second string, the first string of the viola, and an octave above the first string of the cello.
Do wave machines use sound waves or acoustic waves?
  • Some of the machines do use acoustic waves or sound waves versus these mechanical waves to do it. And the research has been done with the mechanical wave machines, which have been shown to do a lot more.
Can you drum on electric guitars like you can on acoustic?

No. But you can on semi-acoustic guitars which is basically an acoustic guitar with pick-ups.

Where does the sound come from on an acoustic guitar?
  • In an acoustic guitar, all of the sound energy that is produced by the body originally comes from energy put into the string by the guitarists finger. The purpose of the body is to make that conversion process more efficient.
What is an electric guitar and a woden acoustic guitar combined equal?

An electric acoustic. A acoustic that can be hooked up to an amp.

Can you change the sound waves into electric energy?

Sound wave is essentially a pressure wave. What converts pressure wave to electricity is a piezoelectric element, basically a kind of vibrating membrane Or arrange for the pressure vibrations to move a magnet within a coil, or move a coil over a magnet - the basis of all ancient microphones.

What changes a sound wave into an electric current?

Sound waves are longitudinal waves. These would vibrate a diaphragm which has been attached with a coil kept in a magnetic field. As the coil vibrates then current is induced. This is how sound wave gets changed into electric current.

What sound waves make low pitched sound?

Pitch is affected by the frequency and wavelength of a sound wave. When the frequency is lower there are not as many waves per second, and the wavelength becomes longer. A low pitch is made by the low frequency and long wavelength of a sound wave.

Do earthquakes make sound?

Actually, they do. They make a rumbling sound and they vibrate.

Do stinrays make sound?

No they do not make any sound or noise of their own.

Why does the a natural sound different on a tuning fork then on a violin?

The note A-natural sounds different on a tuning fork, a violin, and a flute because of the relative amplitudes of harmonics.

What type of sound wave does an electric guitar have?


An antonym for acoustic?


What is acoustic compliance?

It is the reciprocal of acoustic stiffness. Also known as acoustic capacitance.

What is acoustic medium?

An acoustic medium is something that vibrates and resonates to create a pitch.

What is the difference between acoustic guitars and electic-acoustic guitars?

The main difference between acoustic and acoustic electric guitars is that acoustic electric guitars have a pickup installed in them so that they can be played with an amplifier. Also, they can be used to play many genres of music, while acoustic has mostly low tones.

Do pressure waves make sound?

In physics, sound is produced in the form of a pressure wave. When an object vibrates, it causes the surrounding air molecules to vibrate, initiating a chain reaction of sound wave vibrations throughout the medium.

How do you make sound?

Sound is a compression wave in the air, made by effectively hitting the air sharply, or making it vibrate as in an organ pipe

Could someone snooping outside tell the difference between a sound wave for a bass guitar or violin?

You mean could they tell if someone was playing bass or violin? Yes.

How do you spell acoustic?