Does waves work with reaper?

Stanton Lockman asked a question: Does waves work with reaper?
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Solved! waves plugins fix for reaper!

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Waves Plugins Now Supported in REAPER

We are pleased to announce that all Waves audio plugins are now fully supported in the REAPER 5.18 digital audio workstation on both Mac and PC.


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👋 How do i get waves plugins to work in reaper?

  1. In REAPER, press [Ctrl] + P (Windows) / [Cmd] + [,] (Mac) to access Preferences.
  2. Go to Plug-ins > VST.
  3. Under “VST Plugin Path,” make sure that the following path is listed (if not, add it): ...
  4. Click on Clear Cache/Re-Scan.

👋 Why are there no waves plugins in reaper?

  • If you are trying to load your Waves plugins in REAPER but cannot find them, follow these instructions in order to make the plugins available. First, check whether the relevant plugin file/s are correctly installed on your computer. Go to: The relevant plugin file will be named after the plugin, in this format: [PluginName].bundle.

👋 Does reaper have a wave editor?

Audacity has that pencil tool feature to draw transients out of waveforms that Reaper doesn't have. Reaper's features for everything else editing-wise eclipse Audacity. You have the option in Reaper to link additional audio apps if you wish. Or just open the audio file in your favorite other app for said features.

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Stuttering or cut up reverb fx in reaper

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Wave is discontinuing our integration with PayPal on December 31, 2020. We will be disabling new connections as of November 5, 2020.

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Once the rescan is done, create a new project with a supported sample rate, add a track and load your Waves plugins. If your Waves plugins are now available in GarageBand, you can safely delete the files dragged to your desktop.

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