How can you make my wave 125 faster?

Tierra Nikolaus asked a question: How can you make my wave 125 faster?
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☑️ How to make honda wave 100 faster?

How to make Honda Wave 100cc more fuel efficient?

  • A good mechanic can make the fuel consumption more efficient after the Honda Win 100cc’s carburator installed. Second, choose better spark for your Wave 100cc. You can choose TDR Ballistic type or NGK Platinum Spark.

☑️ Which is faster a slower wave or a faster wave?

  • A slower wave would cover less distance - perhaps 660 meters - in the same time period of 2 seconds and thus have a speed of 330 m/s. Faster waves cover more distance in the same period of time. The speed of any wave depends upon the properties of the medium through which the wave is traveling.

☑️ How can i make my hair blow wave faster?

  • For a faster blow-wave, wrap wet hair in a towel and let as much excess water soak into the towel as possible. The drier your hair is by the time you start blow-waving, the quicker you'll get the job done.

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use 16/32 sprocket

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Is a sound wave or light wave faster?

  • A sound wave is a longitudinal wave, meaning that its displacement is the direction it travels. It's also called a compression wave. Picture a Slinky toy (spring) being stretched and compressed longitudinally. Light travels much faster than sound.

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Is surface wave faster then a p wave?

no a p wave is faster than s wave

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What is faster electronmagentic wave or sound wave?

sound waves vs radio speed radio waves air

Wave speed is related to frequency and wavelength

Unlike water waves, electromagnetic waves always travel at the same speed (3 hundred million metres per second) and sound waves all travel at the same speed in a given medium (for example, approximately 340 metres per second in air).

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What wave viabrates faster radio wave or microwaves?

Microwaves ARE radio waves, with frequencies above 3 GHz.

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Which is faster p wave or s wave?

  • If your students are advanced, they can readily explore the additional seismic wave types generated - L/S, and Rayleigh waves). The important distinction to note (as referenced in the comments in the attached resource here) is that P-waves travel faster than S-waves ( P stands for 'primary' wave).

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Which travels faster- radio wave or sound wave?

Radio wave travel faster than sound wave. Radio wave is the same as light wave except at different wavelength. It travel at speed of light (3 x 108 m/s). Sound wave travel at only 330 m/s and probably can go up to 3,300 m/s in solid medium which is far slower than the speed of light.

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Why light wave is faster than sound wave?

electromagnetic waves sonic boom

  • Sound wave can be reflected and refracted just as in light waves, and can give rise to interference phenomena; however, no polarization phenomena can be obtained with sound waves unlike light waves. This is because they are longitudinal waves. Light travels faster than sound.

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Are radio wave faster than sound?

electromagnetic waves radio waves

Which is faster, radio waves or sound waves?

  • Sound waves are a bunch of particles hitting each other. Radio waves are freaking electro magnetic waves( just like light) with the top speed ever achievable as told by Einstein.( i.e., Light speed is the ultimate)

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De broglie wave faster than light?

light waves electromagnetic waves

the book presents de broglie λ=h/p in classical form. in classical mechanics there is no limit for speed. once you insert the relativistic energy: E=mc^2+(p^2 c^2)^2 you see that matter waves can not travel faster than light. No massive particle known exceeds the speed of light.

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Does higher amplitude mean faster wave?

The amplitude of a wave does not affect the speed at which the wave travels. Both Wave A and Wave B travel at the same speed. The speed of a wave is only altered by alterations in the properties of the medium through which it travels.

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What type of wave is faster?

longitudinal wave electromagnetic waves

P-waves travel 60% faster than S-waves on average because the interior of the Earth does not react the same way to both of them. P-waves are compression waves that apply a force in the direction of propagation.

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Which type of wave travels faster?

Electromagnetic waves, like light, radio, ultraviolet, infrared, x-ray and gamma rays all travel at the speed of light.

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Is the p wave faster then the s wave?

P wave is indeed faster than the S wave. P = primary = arrives first S = secondary = arrives second

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Which is faster a heat wave or sound wave?

Any electromagnetic wave in vacuum is about 881,000 times faster than any sound in air.

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Which travel faster a radio wave or sound wave?

A radio wave travels about 874,000 times as fast as a sound wave,plus it doesn't need any material to move through, as sound does.

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Can wave packets travel faster than light?

matter waves de broglie waves

  • So if you interfere two plane waves propagating in opposite directions, but off by a fraction of a degree from being exactly opposite, the interference pattern will produce humps that propagate faster than the speed of light. However, the waves themselves are not travelling faster than light.

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Is a longitudal or transverse wave faster?

longitudinal wave longitudinal wave example

The longitudinal wave transmission is faster than transverse wave transmission. This speed difference between the longitudinal and transverse wave can be noticed during an earthquake. During an earthquake, both longitudinal and transverse waves are produced.

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Is a transverse or longitudinal wave faster?

No, longitudinal waves travel faster than transverse waves. The longitudinal wave transmission is faster than transverse wave transmission. This speed difference between the longitudinal and transverse wave can be noticed during an earthquake.

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Physics how does a wave get faster?

rogue wave shock wave equation

Wave speed, frequency and wavelength in refraction

  • As waves travel into the denser medium, they slow down and wavelength decreases.
  • Part of the wave travels faster for longer causing the wave to turn.
  • The wave is slower but the wavelength is shorter meaning frequency remains the same.

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What causes a wave to travel faster?

surface waves radio waves

The speed of waves increase as temperature increases. This is due to the increased kinetic energy of the air molecules and the decrease in density. Longitudinal Waves: The motion of the wave is in the direction of the motion of the medium (parallel) These types of waves are also known as compression waves.

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What type of earthquake wave travels faster?

P-waves(primary waves) travel faster than S-waves(secondary waves)

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Which is faster rayleigh or love wave?

Of the two surface waves, Love waves move faster. Rayleigh waves cause the ground to shake in an elliptical pattern. This motion is similar to that observed in ocean waves.

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Which type of body wave travels faster?

Primary waves (P)

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