How do wave happen?

Cortney Beier asked a question: How do wave happen?
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☑️ When did wave race happen?

Wave Race happened in 1992.

☑️ When did wave rally happen?

Wave Rally happened in 2001.

☑️ Where does wave erosion happen?

Wave erosion always occurs where land meets sea, as this is the only means by which the sea can possibly erode anything. It also only occurs above water - i.e. coastlines - as wave exist only on the surface in the manifested 'wave' form/shape.

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by the sun and the moon

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How often does a rogue wave happen?

  • By 2007, it was further proven via satellite radar studies that waves with crest to trough heights of 20 metres (66 ft) to 30 metres (98 ft), occur far more frequently than previously thought. It is now known that rogue waves occur in all of the world's oceans many times each day.

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What can happen to electromagnetic wave absorbtion?

wave transmission radio waves

When electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by a bound charged particle, it can give the particle enough energy to set it free. An electron can be freed from an atom, a molecule, or from the energy band of a solid.

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What causes a heat wave to happen?

A heatwave occurs when a system of high atmospheric pressure moves into an area and lasts two or more days… In such a high-pressure system, air from upper levels of our atmosphere is pulled toward the ground, where it becomes compressed and increases in temperature.

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What happen to human made radio wave?

How are radio waves used to protect the Earth?

  • A Human-Made “Bubble” of Radio Waves Could Be Shielding Earth From Radiation Very Low Frequency radio waves have created a protective bubble around the planet

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When did the 2003 heat wave happen?

At the beginning of August 2003. It lasted for over a week. August 10th was the hottest day ever recorded in Britain.

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When did the super genesis wave happen?

sonic multiverse sonic post genesis wave

What is the post Super Genesis Wave timeline?

  • The Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline is a universe that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It refers to the continuity for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its various spin-offs following Ken Penders' lawsuit against Archie Comics.

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Why did the russian heat wave happen?

When was the worst of the heat wave in Russia?

  • The worst of the heat wave lasted through July and the first half of August. The worst period for peat and forest fires was from late July to the middle of August. With soaring temperatures and extremely dry ground, fires can break out and spread easily. By the end of July 2010 more than 40 peat fires had broken out to the south and east of Moscow.

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What two wave interactions happen when a wave hits a barrier?


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How did the wave hill walk off happen?

On 23 August 1966, 200 Gurindji stockmen, domestic workers and their families initiated strike action at Wave Hill station in the Northern Territory. Negotiations with the station owners, the international food company Vestey Brothers, broke down, leading to a seven-year dispute.

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What happen when a wave has more energy?

frequency wave high frequency wave

The amount of energy carried by a wave is related to the amplitude of the wave. A high energy wave is characterized by a high amplitude; a low energy wave is characterized by a low amplitude… The more energy that the person puts into the pulse, the more work that he/she will do upon the first coil.

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What happen when full wave bridgerectifier is incomplete?

The output degrades to half-wave rectification.

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What will happen if light is longitudinal wave?

  • In an imaginary world, if the equivalent of light was a longitudinal wave, probably we would see sounds rather than lights. This is already possible in biomedics with ultrasounds to see through the tissues by echoes; moreover raising up with frequency, about some Th, the wavelength of ultrasound becomes comparable to the light one.

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When did first wave of feminism happen uk?

third wave feminism waves feminism

  • Moreover, it was an important influence on Mary Wollstonecraft, whose Vindication of the Rights of Women, published in Britain in 1792, is widely recognised as the first substantial and systematic feminist treatise. However, first wave feminism (in Britain and the USA) is most often dated as occurring between c.1880s and the 1920s.

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When did the tidal wave in norway happen?

  • In 1934, part of a Norwegian mountain crashed into a fjord, causing a tidal wave that destroyed communities. “It has happened before. It will happen again.” That’s the infamous statement shown at the beginning of Bølgen, Norway’s 2015 disaster movie known in English as The Wave.

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Which school and when did the wave happen?

Where did the wave high school experiment take place?

  • His two last features dealt with Nazis and the Red Army Faction. The Wave is another typical - even stereotypical - German subject, with an improbable, highly melodramatic premise. In fact the experiment - known as the Wave - actually took place, in April 1967 at Cubberley High School, Northern California.

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What will happen if a p wave and an s wave combine?

They will both combine producing an L wave.

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Does attenuation happen when em wave travels in space?

There is no attenuation due to absorption, but attenuation will occur due to divergence (spreading out) of the wave.

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Does wave interference happen only to same frequency waves?

  • No; wave interference takes place whenever two waves of any frequency, same, nearly the same or widely different interact. An air molecule next to your ear, for example, can only respond to the sum of all the different sound waves reaching it at any moment.

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What happen to the snowman during the heat wave?

It melted to the core

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What happen to ther lady on bishop wave radio?

Who is Amy Bishop and what did she do?

  • Michael Mercier — AP file Amy Bishop, the biology professor who pleaded guilty to killing three colleagues and wounding three others when she shot up a University of Alabama-Huntsville faculty meeting in 2010, has apologized for the first time.

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What must happen for a sound wave to form?


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When a wave strikes an obstacle what will happen?

wave behavior refraction wave

When a wave meets an obstacle, part of the wave is reflected off the surface of the material, some is transmitted through the material and some is absorbed. For the part of the wave that is transmitted, the direction of its angle can change if the speed of the wave is different in the material.

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What happen if you give square wave instead of sine wave to the transformer?

If a square wave is used instead of a sine wave in a transformer, the output power will operate at a different frequency. This will produces varying levels of voltage and amperage based on the wave.

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If a frequency of a wave increases what will happen?

Then the wavelength decreases.

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