How do z wave locks work?

Jaquan Rath asked a question: How do z wave locks work?
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Including a kwikset z-wave lock

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Unlike Bluetooth locks, Z-Wave locks don't connect directly with your phone. Instead, they'll need to connect to a Z-Wave-compatible hub. That hub will translate the lock's Z-Wave signal into something your router can understand -- once it does, you'll be able to connect with your lock from anywhere.


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👋 What are z wave locks?

  • Z-Wave door lock is an electronic door lock mechanism that is highly secure and like other RF products, reacts to the handy controls upon the users’ commands. It may be programmed to respond to commands given from a distance such as when the owner is not home but needs to let somebody into the house.

👋 Can z wave locks be hacked?

The researchers discovered that a single, unnamed Z-Wave door lock manufacturer has a bug in their implementation of the Z-Wave secure node association protocol that could allow a hacker within Z-Wave range of the network to reset the lock's user codes and unlock the door from outside.

👋 How secure are z wave locks?

They did not find a vulnerability in the Z-Wave AES security protocol, just a bug in one manufacturer's code… Residential door locks were never meant to secure Fort Knox. They were meant to secure a typical home with typical security requirements. There are far easier ways to break in than hacking Z-Wave.

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Z-wave deadbolts that work w/ the lyric alarm system

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Enrolling a schlage z-wave lock to a qolsys iq panel 2 How wave machines work?

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