How long does it take for wave petunias to spread?

Stefanie Batz asked a question: How long does it take for wave petunias to spread?
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Growing tips for spreading petunias : grow guru

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In fact, cuttings of wave petunias stuck into dirt, watered, and receiving sufficient heat (50–60˚F) will sprout roots in 7–10 days.

It will most likely take at least 10 to 14 days to see results. Containers and hanging baskets require fertilizer more often--sometimes twice a week in the summer to ensure optimum growth and health. If your Wave Petunias get more overgrown or leggy in your landscape than you prefer, you can cut them back.

  • It only takes about five to fifteen days at room temperature for the petunias to spread. They spread at such a rate that they will cover a huge area in just one growing season. Although they need to be watered regularly and be well-fertilized too for the spread to happen.


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