How long is a sharp wave eeg?

Marcelo Nolan asked a question: How long is a sharp wave eeg?
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By convention, a spike is defined as an IED of less than 70 milliseconds in duration and a sharp wave as an IED of 70-200 milliseconds in duration. The distinction between these 2 patterns has no etiologic or prognostic significance.


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👋 A vertex sharp wave is found in which stage?

Vertex waves are seen in sleep stages I and II. Positive occipital sharp transients of sleep (POSTS) are seen in both occipital regions, with their typical characteristics contained in their name.

👋 Wave which countries?

  • The most recent wave, which is when there is a surge in the number of cases over a period of time in a particular region, has been documented in Haiti, Lesotho, and Sierra Leone, among other countries.

👋 What are temporal sharp wave discharges?

  • A sharp is a single epileptiform discharge defined by its duration lasting between 70-200ms, and by its disruption of the EEG background. A spike is very similar to a sharp but faster, with a duration from 20-70ms.

👋 What causes sharp waves and fibrillation in electromyography?

  • However, this can also be seen as a consequence of direct muscle trauma, in muscle diseases particularly those with inflammatory infiltrates such as polymyositis, as well as metabolic and electrolyte disturbances. However, denervation potentials, i.e. positive sharp waves and fibrillation potentials, are only seen in consequence to nerve injury.

👋 What is the difference between sharp and slow wave discharges?

  • For sharp and slow waves, rare discharges were most often associated with mild slowing, while many discharges were most often related to a marked degree of slow wave abnormality.

👋 What kind of oscillations are followed by sharp waves?

  • Sharp waves are followed by synchronous fast field oscillations (140–200 Hz frequency), named ripples. Features of these oscillations provided evidences for their role in inducing synaptic plasticity and memory consolidation.

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👋 Which wave of eeg indicates the alertness of brain?

Explanation: The alpha rhythm is the principal component of the EEG and is an indicator of the state of alertness of the brain.

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