How many minions spawn in 15 minutes per wave?

Lupe Goldner asked a question: How many minions spawn in 15 minutes per wave?
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super minions are spawning. For the first 15 minutes, one spawns every three minion waves. After the 15 minute mark, one spawns every two minion waves.


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Wave 62.) 360, 360 -- Keep note where the orange 360 spawns, as this is where TzTok-Jad will spawn. Make sure you have full health and Prayer before killing the last level 360.

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  • Then, on wave 43, the 360 will spawn center, the 90 will spawn south, the 45 will spawn southeast, and the two 22s will spawn southwest and center. Since the cycle has 15 elements, wave 3 and wave 63 will start in the same spot, so jad spawns where the first 45 does.
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  • Jad will always spawn where the level 360 spawns on wave 62. So if you pay attention to that spawn, you can predict jad’s spawn in wave 63. When jad reaches half his health, 4 levels 108 healers will spawn. This is the phase of the fight where most players make mistakes.
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