How tall does a wave have to be to be a tsunami?

Roosevelt Armstrong asked a question: How tall does a wave have to be to be a tsunami?
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  • While everyday wind waves have a wavelength (from crest to crest) of about 100 metres (330 ft) and a height of roughly 2 metres (6.6 ft), a tsunami in the deep ocean has a much larger wavelength of up to 200 kilometres (120 mi).


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It is not a matter of height. A tsunami is very different from an ordinary wave, and not just in size. A tsunami wave is not wind-driven but is usually caused by an earthquake or landslide. They have a much longer wavelength, and so carry far more water than an ordinary wave of similar height. In open ocean a tsunami may be a couple feet high an hundreds of miles long, becoming higher in the shallow water near shore. While a storm wave washes in and out in a matter of seconds, a tsunami comes in as a continuous surge for several minutes.

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