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☑️ What is the wave length of the water wave?

It is the distance between two successive crests of a wave.

☑️ How is water length and frequency of a wave related?

I don't know what's "water length" but I do know that the deeper the water are, the faster the wave goes. If you meant wave length and not water length, then the longer the wavelength, the smaller the frequency of the wave.

☑️ What is wave length?

Definition: Wavelength can be defined as the distance between two successive crests or troughs of a wave. It is measured in the direction of the wave.

☑️ X ray wave length?

X-rays are found in the region of wavelengths between 0.01 to 10 nm (10-11m to 10-8m).

☑️ Wave length of laser?

depends on color

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Video answer: How do we know light is a wave?

How do we know light is a wave?

Video answer: Light is waves: crash course physics #39

Light is waves: crash course physics #39

Video answer: Wavelength


Video answer: Lasers - wavelength (nm) explained

Lasers - wavelength (nm) explained

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Wave length of alpha particle?

That depends on its momentum.

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Does frequency effect wave length?

  • The frequency and wavelength of a wave are related. When frequency increases more wave crests pass a fixed point each second. That means the wavelength shortens. So, as frequency increases, wavelength decreases.

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Does frequency impat wave length?

  • When frequency increases more wave crests pass a fixed point each second. That means the wavelength shortens. So, as frequency increases, wavelength decreases. The opposite is also true—as frequency decreases, wavelength increases. Popular Trending

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What does 'wave length' mean?

The wavelength of a sinusoidal wave is the spatial period of a wave, that is the 'distance' over which the wave's shape repeats. Wavelength is commonly designated by the Greek letter lambda (?). Wave length is a measure that is used to determine different pitches and colors. Red has a longer wave length then blue and a higher pitch has a more compact wave length then a low pitch. It is basically a measurement of the visible and auditory stimulus around us.

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What is a wave length?


  • 1. the distance between successive crests of a wave, especially points in a sound wave or electromagnetic wave: "a range of wavelengths"
  • a wavelength as a distinctive feature of radio waves from a transmitter.
  • 2. a person's ideas and way of thinking, especially as it affects their ability to communicate with others: "when we met we hit it off immediately—we're on the same wavelength"

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Does light have wave length?


All electromagnetic radiation is light, but we can only see a small portion of this radiation—the portion we call visible light… Violet has the shortest wavelength, at around 380 nanometers, and red has the longest wavelength, at around 700 nanometers.

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Wave length of red light?

~625-740 nm

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What is wave length error?

it can be illustrated by the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle,that says that,it's almost impossible to determine the exact velocity & position of a moving electron.

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What wave length is 300mhz?

300 MHz: λ = about 3.278 feet.

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Do wave length remain constant?

It depends on the type of wave you mean and the situation applied to. Water waves slow down when they reach shallow water and their wave-length shortens. This is why waves 'break', the back-side of the wave over-takes the slower lead-side. Light waves, when they encounter a polar molecule are absorbed and remitted at a shorter wave length. Electrons (wave-particle duality) change their wave-length when changing energy states.

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When deep water waves reach water shallower than one half of their wave length they do what?

they curl than eventually crash

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How to calculate wave length of sound wave?

Namely, if we know the frequency (which is the number of wave repetitions per second, often given in Hertz, or Hz) and the sound speed (which is the speed the wave travels in meters per sec), then we can find the wavelength using the equation wavelength=speed/frequency.

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What is the wave length of radio wave?

Their wavelengths vary from 1 mm to 100000 km.

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What is the wave length of standing wave?

it depends on the size of the wave

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What is the wave length of a wave?

If you take a snapshot of a physical wave (such as an ocean wave) using a camera for example, you can then measure the distance from one peak to the next. The spacing is the wavelength. See the "mathematical description" section of the related link. When an an electromagnetic wave is discussed, the wavelength is equal to the quotient (speed of light / frequency). The formula applies to other waves too, just that the speed of light being replaced with the speed of the specific wave in question. For a traveling wave, see the "simple harmonic motion" illustration in the link -- the peak of the wave is moving at a finite speed to the right (i.e. wave speed). The wave frequency is how many times, at any spot in space (the center line, or the two boundaries of the "simple harmonic motion" illustration can be selected to do the counting), the wave peaks, troughs, and then peak again. Visible lights, X-rays, microwave, and gamma rays, all have a range of frequencies published in the literature.

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What electromagnetic wave has the longest wave length?

first we must ask our selves do these waves really exist?

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Relationship between frequency wave length and wave speed?

The wavelength is equal to the speed divided by the frequency.

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How to find wave length of radio wave?

  • To calculate the wavelength of a radio wave, you will be using the equation: Speed of a wave = wavelength X frequency. Since radio waves are electromagnetic waves and travel at 2.997 X 10^8 meters/second, then you will need to know the frequency of the radio wave.

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Does wave length travel through air?

"Wave length" is a measurement that describes a characteristic of a wave.If the wave is a mechanical one, like sound for example, it must have some kindof material to travel through. Air is a good one.If the wave is an electromagnetic one, like light or radio for example, it can travelthrough air, but it doesn't need anything to travel through.

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Wave length of carbon dioxide laser?

The wavelength of carbon dioxide laser usually emit at a wavelength of 10.6 μm.

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What is length of radar wave?

Assuming you mean the wavelength: Radar can use electromagnetic waves of VERY different frequencies; see this section of "Radar" in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radar#Frequency_bandsThe list also includes the corresponding wavelengths; or you can divide the speed of light by the frequency.

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What is wave length in sound?

The wave length is the distance between the peak of one sound pressure or electrical wave and the peak of the next. It's also known as one cycle (1 Hertz).

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What is short wave length light?

  • The shortest wavelength portion of the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum is the “far UV” or “vacuum UV” (VUV), which is roughly the region from 100 to 200 nm.

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Does higher wave length mean longer?

Conclusion: a longer wavelength means a lower frequency, and a shorter wavelength means a higher frequency!

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What are gamma rays wave length?

what is the wave length for gamma rays

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Wave length of visible light is?


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What is the longest wave length?

Radio waves are the electromagnetic waves with longest wavelength.

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Which has the longest wave length?

  • Chicama is located in Puerto Malabrigo in the central north coast of Peru . It is considered the longest wave in the world, breaking along a spectacular beach all the way to an old pier at the end. On a good day, you can have a ride that is almost 3 km long.

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What wave length can penetrate clouds?

  • SWIR cameras are the only wavelength technology that can penetrate cloud coverage and capture a clear image. Short Wavelength cameras are used in daytime starlight imagery because of SWIR’s ability to capture reflected light with peak solar illumination.

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Do light waves have wave length?

Light waves have very, very short wavelengths. Red light waves have wavelengths around 700 nanometers (nm), while blue and purple light have even shorter waves with wavelengths around 400 or 500 nm.

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What is wave length of light?

What type of light has the longest wavelength?

  • In Visible spectrum or visible light, RED has the longest wavelength. Red light has a wavelength approximately 650nm (nanometers). The sunrise and sunset are evidence that red is has the longest wavelength.

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What color has longest wave length?

The longest visible wavelengths are thoseat the red end of the spectrum (rainbow).

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The wave length is defined as?

The wavelength is the distance between two points which are in the same phase. For example, for a water wave, you could use the distance from one peak to the next. Similarly for other waves, you can use the distance from one maximum (or minimum) of whatever the wave is about, to the next.

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Color with the longest wave length?

I just checked and it's red

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What is de broglie wave length?

The de Broglie wavelength of a particle indicates the length scale at which wave-like properties are important for that particle. De Broglie wavelength is usually represented by the symbol λ or λdB. For a particle with momentum p, the de Broglie wavelength is defined as: λdB = hp.

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How do you find wave length?

the length of a wave generated by a complete vibration or time period

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What is a microwaves wave length?

they have a longer wave length, between 1mm and 30 cm.

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Length of each electromagnetic spectrum wave?

Length of each electromagentic wave = speed of light c/frequency of each wave.

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Does string length affect wave speed?

Increasing the tension on a string increases the speed of a wave, which increases the frequency (for a given length)… (Smaller lengths of string result in shorter wavelength and thus higher frequency.)

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Wave length is 580nm what is it's wave number?

The wave number is 1/580nm = 1.724 M waves per meter

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Which type of wave has the longest wave- length?

Radio waves

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What is the wave length of an ultraviolet wave?

From the related links: between about 10 nanometers (most energetic Extreme Ultraviolet) to about 300 nanometers (least energetic Near Ultraviolet). Visible violet light is about 400 nanometers.

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A low frequency wave has a long wave length?

The frequency of a wave is inversely proportional to its wavelength. That means that waves with a high frequency have a short wavelength, while waves with a low frequency have a longer wavelength. Light waves have very, very short wavelengths.

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What is the wave number of 5nm wave length?

(2pi)/5e-9 in units of rad/m

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What is the wave length of a sound wave?

Wavelength depends on the frequency, or pitch of the wave. Sound travels at about 1125 ft/second at sea level. Divide speed by frequency to get wavelength.

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How are wave length and wave frequency are related?

velocity = frequency x wavelength

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How is wave length determined for a longitudinal wave?

  • The wavelength can always be determined by measuring the distance between any two corresponding points on adjacent waves. In the case of a longitudinal wave, a wavelength measurement is made by measuring the distance from a compression to the next compression or from a rarefaction to the next rarefaction.

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How long is 14 inch body wave hair?

As we had already mentioned, the 14-inch hair is an armpit length hair for the average height woman.

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How long is 20 inch body wave hair?

  • Each body wave measures 20" long with a total width of 39 inches. These human hair extensions have a medium body wave, which is great for creating loose curls, or that “beach wave” you’ve always dreamed of.

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Which wave length to detect blue color?

Is there a single wavelength for red and blue?

  • Wavelengths of 350nm and below (ultra violet) don't pass the lens, but if they did we'd have wavelength responding to a colour of red with a tint of blue in it. There would never be a single wavelength for a perfect mixture of red and blue (magenta), as the wavelength that the blue- and red conecells accept the best aren't multiples of eachother.

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