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☑️ Can a 5 / 8 wave antenna be fudged?

  • With a 5/8 wave antenna the 'starting' impedance isn't anywhere close to where it can be 'fudged' by just tilting the radials. You have to do that 'matching' of impedances by some other method. Those 'other methods' include both capacitive and inductive reactances, you can do it with either a capacitor or a coil.

☑️ How big is a 5 / 8 wave antenna?

  • This 5/8 wave (physical & electrical) antenna has a nominal impedance of 50-52 ohms and can achieve average tuned SWR of 1.5 to 1 over 4 MHz. The over all length is 48.2" (122.4cm). Gain over isotropic is 6 dB. Gain over 1/4 wave is 3 dB.

☑️ How long is quarter wave antenna for 2m band?

This element is 1/4 wavelength long, or about 19 inches for the 2 meter band. Next up are the ground radials. a ground plane will often have three or four radials, each 1/4 wavelength long.

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☑️ How big is a 5 / 8 wave vertical antenna?

  • As a vertical monopole antenna is half the length of a dipole, this equates to about a five eighths wavelength vertical monopole antenna. When used as a vertical radiator against a ground plane this translates to a length of 5/8 wavelength.

☑️ What is the gain of a 5 / 8 wave antenna?

  • A quarter wave ground plane antenna has a radiation pattern that produces maximum gain at about 25 degrees and a half wave antenna drops that angle to 20 degrees, and the 5/8 wave antenna further drops that angle to 16 degrees.

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What is wave length?

Definition: Wavelength can be defined as the distance between two successive crests or troughs of a wave. It is measured in the direction of the wave.

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X ray wave length?

X-rays are found in the region of wavelengths between 0.01 to 10 nm (10-11m to 10-8m).

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Wave length of laser?

depends on color

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Formular of wave length?

Wavelength lambda is equated to the ratio of the speed of the wave to the frequency of the wave. So L = c / f Here L the wavelength, c the speed of the wave and f the frequency of the wave

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What wave is related to a red wave length and violet wave length?

Visible light wavelengths fill the electromagnetic spectrum between red wavelengths and violet wavelengths.

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What is sine wave wave length?

Wavelength is the distance from any point on a wave to the same point on the next wave. The shape of the wave doesn't matter.

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What wave has longest wave length?

radio waves

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Wave length of a wave is?

is the distance between two vibrations or pulses of the wave..it is expressed by lamda λ and measured in m . it is equal to = v x t = v/f v= speed of wave t= period f= frequency

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Does wave length affect wave speed?


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How does a quarter wave antenna work?

The monopole is often used as a resonant antenna; the rod functions as an open resonator for radio waves, oscillating with standing waves of voltage and current along its length. Therefore the length of the antenna is determined by the wavelength of the radio waves it is used with.

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How to make a long wave antenna?

  • Cut 8 pieces of copper wire that are each 17 inches (43 cm). Get 12-gauge uninsulated copper wire to make your antenna. Measure out 8 separate pieces that are 17 inches (43 cm) long and mark the lengths with a marker. Use a pair of wire cutters to snip the wires on your marks so you have 8 pieces.

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How long is a quarter wave antenna?

Therefore the length of the antenna is determined by the wavelength of the radio waves it is used with. The most common form is the quarter-wave monopole, in which the antenna is approximately one quarter of the wavelength of the radio waves.

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Is a half wave antenna better than a quarter wave?

A half-wave antenna is a good choice when your entire device is much smaller than a quarter-wavelength, or when you are building an antenna that is physically separated from the transmitter.

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Which is better quarter wave or half wave sloper antenna?

  • The Half-Wave Dipole Sloper Antenna (HWDSA) Half-wave dipole sloper antenna (drawing not to scale) A half-wavelength dipole antenna will give better results than the quarter-wave (single band) sloper described above. The drawback is that you need more horizontal space!

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What are wave length and wave height?

Wave length, also known as cycle and period, is the difference in magnitude from one point on a wave to the corresponding point on an adjacent wave as measured along, and defined by, the x-axis of the graphed wave forms. Wave height, also known as magnitude, is the distance above or below the x-axis as measured along, and defined by, the y-axis of the graphed wave forms.

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Difference of wave front and wave length?

Wavefront: A line (crest of the wave) in which all the points along it are in phase Wavelength: the distance between two adjacent points that are in phase

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Which wave has the shortest wave length?

gamma rays

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What wave has the longest wave length?

radio waves

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What is the formula for quarter wave antenna?

  • Figure 2. - a marconi antenna. The formula for quarter wave is L = 71.25 metres / freq (mhz) and in feet L = 234 / freq (mhz). Note the variance from the standard wavelength formula of 300 / freq. This is because we allow for "velocity factor" of 5% and our wavelength formula becomes 285 / freq.

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How does an antenna work voltage standing wave?

When an antenna is not matched to the receiver, power is reflected (so that the reflection coefficient, , is not zero). This causes a "reflected voltage wave", which creates standing waves along the transmission line. The result are the peaks and valleys as seen in Figure 1.

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Which is better full wave or vertical antenna?

  • A full wavelength vertical antenna will have a big null at the horizon with lobes pointing up and down and a wet noodle will probably work better unless your talking to the space shuttle. Click to expand... This statement, while 100% true, is worded in such a way that it's making me lol want to try making a wet noodle resonant on 2m or 70cm.

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Is the tridion cage a live wave antenna?

  • The appearance of the Live Wave Tv Antenna For four is not only the exterior of the Tridion cage, which is famous for its Live Wave Tv Antenna. It has a unique three-dimensional design style, which makes the body lines appear bumpy and unobtrusive, regardless of Mercedes or parked on the road.

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How does a quarter wave vertical antenna work?

  • Basic quarter wavelength vertical antenna. As the name suggests the quarter wave vertical antenna consists of a quarter wavelength vertical element. The antenna is what is termed "un-balanced" having one connection to the vertical element and using an earth connection or simulated earth connection to provide an image for the other connection.

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Is there an antenna for bose wave radio?

Boost FM reception on your Wave® system with this external dipole FM antenna. Recommended wherever FM signal strength is weak for one or more stations.

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What are principal planes in antenna wave propagation?

The principal plane in wave propagation is the E-plane and the H-plane of an antenna. The E-plane consists of the electric field vector, and by convention, it's the direction in which the wave is said to be 'polarized'. The H-plane consists of magnetic field vector of the wave. The electric field vector and the magnetic field vector are perpendicular to each other, and the direction in which the wave propagates (moves) is perpendicular to both of them.

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Radiation resistance of quarter wave monopole antenna is?

The radiation resistance of quarter wave monopole is 36.5 ohms

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What is radar wave length?

Assuming you mean the wavelength: Radar can use electromagnetic waves of VERY different frequencies; see this section of "Radar" in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radar#Frequency_bandsThe list also includes the corresponding wavelengths; or you can divide the speed of light by the frequency.

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Wave length of x ray?


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Wave length of alpha particle?

That depends on its momentum.

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Does frequency effect wave length?

  • The frequency and wavelength of a wave are related. When frequency increases more wave crests pass a fixed point each second. That means the wavelength shortens. So, as frequency increases, wavelength decreases.

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Does frequency impat wave length?

  • When frequency increases more wave crests pass a fixed point each second. That means the wavelength shortens. So, as frequency increases, wavelength decreases. The opposite is also true—as frequency decreases, wavelength increases. Popular Trending

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What does 'wave length' mean?

The wavelength of a sinusoidal wave is the spatial period of a wave, that is the 'distance' over which the wave's shape repeats. Wavelength is commonly designated by the Greek letter lambda (?). Wave length is a measure that is used to determine different pitches and colors. Red has a longer wave length then blue and a higher pitch has a more compact wave length then a low pitch. It is basically a measurement of the visible and auditory stimulus around us.

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What is a wave length?


  • 1. the distance between successive crests of a wave, especially points in a sound wave or electromagnetic wave: "a range of wavelengths"
  • a wavelength as a distinctive feature of radio waves from a transmitter.
  • 2. a person's ideas and way of thinking, especially as it affects their ability to communicate with others: "when we met we hit it off immediately—we're on the same wavelength"

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Does light have wave length?


All electromagnetic radiation is light, but we can only see a small portion of this radiation—the portion we call visible light… Violet has the shortest wavelength, at around 380 nanometers, and red has the longest wavelength, at around 700 nanometers.

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Wave length of red light?

~625-740 nm

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What is wave length error?

it can be illustrated by the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle,that says that,it's almost impossible to determine the exact velocity & position of a moving electron.

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What wave length is 300mhz?

300 MHz: λ = about 3.278 feet.

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Do wave length remain constant?

It depends on the type of wave you mean and the situation applied to. Water waves slow down when they reach shallow water and their wave-length shortens. This is why waves 'break', the back-side of the wave over-takes the slower lead-side. Light waves, when they encounter a polar molecule are absorbed and remitted at a shorter wave length. Electrons (wave-particle duality) change their wave-length when changing energy states.

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How to calculate wave length of sound wave?

Namely, if we know the frequency (which is the number of wave repetitions per second, often given in Hertz, or Hz) and the sound speed (which is the speed the wave travels in meters per sec), then we can find the wavelength using the equation wavelength=speed/frequency.

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What is the wave length of radio wave?

Their wavelengths vary from 1 mm to 100000 km.

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What is the wave length of standing wave?

it depends on the size of the wave

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What is the wave length of a wave?

If you take a snapshot of a physical wave (such as an ocean wave) using a camera for example, you can then measure the distance from one peak to the next. The spacing is the wavelength. See the "mathematical description" section of the related link. When an an electromagnetic wave is discussed, the wavelength is equal to the quotient (speed of light / frequency). The formula applies to other waves too, just that the speed of light being replaced with the speed of the specific wave in question. For a traveling wave, see the "simple harmonic motion" illustration in the link -- the peak of the wave is moving at a finite speed to the right (i.e. wave speed). The wave frequency is how many times, at any spot in space (the center line, or the two boundaries of the "simple harmonic motion" illustration can be selected to do the counting), the wave peaks, troughs, and then peak again. Visible lights, X-rays, microwave, and gamma rays, all have a range of frequencies published in the literature.

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What electromagnetic wave has the longest wave length?

first we must ask our selves do these waves really exist?

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Relationship between frequency wave length and wave speed?

The wavelength is equal to the speed divided by the frequency.

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How to find wave length of radio wave?

  • To calculate the wavelength of a radio wave, you will be using the equation: Speed of a wave = wavelength X frequency. Since radio waves are electromagnetic waves and travel at 2.997 X 10^8 meters/second, then you will need to know the frequency of the radio wave.

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How tall is a quarter wave vertical whip antenna?

  • One common mobile antenna is a quarter-wave vertical whip. This is roughly nine feet (2.7 metres) tall and mounted low on the vehicle body, and often has a spring and ball mount. A electrical length, and to enhance its resilience to scraping and striking overhead objects.

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Is there a live wave antenna for four brabus?

  • The Live Wave Tv Antenna For four Brabus is based on this, plus a number of conversion kits, and visually, further highlights the sporty style. The Live Wave Tv Antenna For four Brabus modified version introduces the illusion of entering the “circle world”.

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How to build an end fed half wave antenna?

What is the best wire for an antenna?

  • The best wire to use in making a long wire antenna is a hard drawn copper or copper clad wire of around 12 or 14 gauge. These two wires will produce minimum stretch over long periods.

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How long is a 1 4 wave cb antenna?

102 inches

Yes, taller/longer is better for range of distance when it comes to an antenna and the optimal antenna length is 1/4 wavelength. That translates to 102 inches (8.5 feet), too tall to be practical for most mobile applications.

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Which antenna is best excited by a wave guide?

Horn Antenna is best exited by waveguide

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