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☑️ How do surface waves and deep waves differ?

Surface waves are caused by wind and the jet stream, as deep waves are caused by currents and sometimes seismic activity, dawg. If you gots a surface wave, no sweat. Deep wave, run yo @$$ up a hill. Tsunami time, you f*cked. -T.Bone

☑️ What is the difference between deep water waves and transitional waves?

  • Deep-water waves include all wind-generated waves moving across the open ocean. Transitional waves are waves traveling in water where depth is less than half the wavelength but greater than one-twentieth the wavelength (1/20 L < D < 1/2 L).

☑️ What type of waves are found after radio waves and before infrared waves?


☑️ What area between deep water waves and breaker zone?

The area between deep water waves and breaker zone is the euphotic zone

☑️ What are deep-water waves?

an ocean wave that is traviling in water depth greater than 1/2 of its length

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Video answer: Sound for kids - sound waves and vibrations

Sound for kids - sound waves and vibrations

Video answer: Frequency versus wavelength

Frequency versus wavelength

Video answer: Sound: wavelength, frequency and amplitude.

Sound: wavelength, frequency and amplitude.

Video answer: Waves: frequency, wavelength, amplitude

Waves: frequency, wavelength, amplitude

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How tall are the waves in deep water?

  • In deep water, these waves may be only a metre or two high but travel at speeds of up to 500 km per hour. Now if you've got enough energy to lift 3000 tonnes of water by one metre, you'd be able to lift 1000 tonnes of water much higher right?

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Are tides deep water or shallow water waves?

Deep Water

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How fast do waves travel in deep water?

  • In deep water, wind waves travel between 5 and 65 miles per hour, may reach heights of 45 feet, and are no more than a few hundred feet apart. Tsunami are barely noticeable in the open sea – their height is just three feet or less, and successive wave crests are miles apart. These waves travel very fast,...

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Is deep wave and deep curly the same?

Deep curls are a bit tighter than a deep wave and they have a really cool natural look. Deep curls add a lot of body to your hair and create a funky curly look that is everything but boring.

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Can deep-water and shallow-water waves exist at the same point offshore?

can deep water waves and shallow water waves exist at the same point offshore?

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Compare and contrast progressive waves and stationary waves?

  1. Each point along a progressive wave has equal amplitude, but for a stationary wave the amplitude varies.
  2. Adjacent points on progressive waves vibrate with different phase but all particles between nodes in stationary waves vibrate in phase
  3. Energy is transferred through space in progressive waves but not in the case of stationary waves

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Compare and contrast mechanical waves and elctromagnetic waves?

Mechanical waves: -Must have a medium to propagate through -Can be transverse (water waves) or longitudinal (sound waves) -Can have any corresponding wavelength, period and wavelength (physical laws permitting) Electromagnetic waves: -Does not need a medium as the wave has wave/particle duality -Made up of photons (wave/particle duality again) -Always transverse -Always travels at the speed of light (therefore any wavelength will have a prescribd period)

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Compare and contrast light waves and sound waves and waves in the electromagict spectrum?

Light waves are part of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum Light waves and em waves are transverse, can travel in a vacuum and do so at the same speed (3.0 * 10^8) Sound wave are longitudinal and can not travel in a vacuum

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What's the stage of sleep with deep brain waves?

  • This stage was previously divided into stages 3 and 4. Deep, slow brain waves known as delta waves begin to emerge during stage 3 sleep. This stage is also sometimes referred to as delta sleep.

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How to get deep hair waves for black men?

  • Good news: Black men's hair is naturally curly. This is why it should be easy to train it to form deep waves. Use your hands instead of a brush when hair is dry. Rubbing the waves with the palm of your hands when the hair is dry is better, rather than brushing the hair when it's dry. Using excessive amounts of hair products is not necessary.

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How to care for deep waves in julia hair?

  • Recommended steps - run your fingers through, wet and oil everyday - shampoo at least once a month and condition at least once in two weeks-define deep waves with a curl perfecting cream, try not to touch curls too much and air dry to prevent frizziness If you want to know more information about Julia Hair 4th Anniversary Sale, please click here!

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How do you take care of loose deep waves?

  1. Soak the hair bundles with the mild shampoo in the water for a few minutes.
  2. Rinse the loose deep wave hair weave with clear cool water.
  3. Repeat this to make sure the hair is clean.
  4. Apply a hair conditioner generously and let it sit in a plastic bag for 10-20 minutes.

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What determines the speed of deep water waves quizlet?

What determines the speed of deep-water waves? Wavelength… A wave in water with depth that is less than 1/2 and greater than 1/20th of its wavelength.

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Compare mechanical waves and elctromagnetic waves?

An electromagnetic wave is capable of passing through a vacuum (space). All light waves are electromagnetic waves. Mechanical waves are not able to pass through space. They require a medium to pass their energy from one place to another. An example of a mechanical wave is a sound wave.

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Compare light waves and radio waves?

Both, Light waves and Radio wave are electromagnetic waves. Light waves have a higher frequency than radio waves. Radio waves have longer wavelengths than Light waves.

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Why are love waves and rayleigh waves more destructive than p-waves and s-waves?

Love and Rayleigh waves are also known as surface waves as they travel along the surface of the earth. As the earth's surface is a free boundary, these surface waves have a larger amplitude than P and S (or body waves)which travel through the earth's interior. The amplitude of a wave is related to the amount of energy it has, where high amplitude waves have more energy! This means that the high amplitude high energy surface waves are capable of transferring more energy into structures or other objects on the surface and so can do more damage.

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Are radio waves and light waves both electromagnetic waves?

  • Both radio waves and light are electromagnetic waves; their main difference is their frequency. Radio waves are created by the acceleration of electrons in a radio antenna, and light waves are created by the oscillations of the electrons within atoms.

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What are p waves s waves and l waves?

P waves travel fastest and are the first to arrive from the earthquake… The different S waves arrive after the P waves. The slowest (and latest to arrive on seismograms) are surface waves, such as the L wave. L waves are named for the Cambridge mathematician A.E.H. Love who first described them.

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Should i comb my waves before a haircut?

Pre-Haircut Technique

The process that I use to prepare my waves for a hair cut is simple… What I do is first wash my hair, then I brush it for about 15 minutes. After that, I get a comb and then comb it in the same direction that I brush.

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How are particles aligned before they become waves?

  • Prior to becoming a wave, the particles align themselves in waves. Light waves interact with the light stop by diffracting (or bending) into the shadowed region behind the opaque barrier.

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Are radio waves and sound waves related?

  • Sound waves and radio waves are two different types of waves that we encounter everyday. Sound waves are responsible for the travel of sound using a medium, while radio waves are a type of electromagnetic waves that are responsible for radio communication, broadcasting, radar and many other navigation systems.

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What are r waves and l waves?

Seismic Waves: The main seismic wave types are Compressional (P), Shear (S), Rayleigh (R) and Love (L) waves… Although surface wave motion penetrates to significant depth in the Earth, these types of waves do not propagate directly through the Earth's interior.

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Are p waves and s waves transverse?

Properties of seismic waves

There are two types of seismic waves: P-waves, which are longitudinal waves. S-waves, which are transverse waves.

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Difference between matter waves and electromagnetic waves?

matter waves | electro magnetic waves 1)matter wave is associated with moving |1)oscillating charged particle gives rise to electro particle. |magnetic wave. 2)wavelength depends on the mass of the |2)wavelength depends on the energy of photon particle and its velocity lambda=h/mv.| lambda=hc/e. 3)can travel with a velocity greater than| 3)travels with velocity of light the velocity of light. | c=3*10 power 8 m/sec 4)matter wave is not electro magnetic |4)electric field and magnetic field oscillate perpendicular wave. |to each other.

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Are sound waves and light waves transverse?

Light is an electromagnetic wave; and those are transverse. Sound is usually a longitudinal wave.

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How deep in water do surface waves cause particle motion?

They oscillate in circles whose diameters decrease with depth. They remain almost entirely motionless. How deep in water do surface waves cause particle motion? Half the wave height.

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How do you get 360 deep waves in your head?

Anybody with any hair texture can get 360 waves. You have to get the right methods and tools to help you with this wave journey. Click on the link to help you out

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Do you brush your hair hard to get deep waves?

no. you do not or you can hairs breaking. hairs breaking can cause hair falls out. brushing hair hard will not get good deep waves. it cause damaged.

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Which wave characteristic determines how fast deep-water waves move?

Wind waves (deep-water waves) have a period of about 20 seconds. The speed of all ocean waves is controlled by gravity, wavelength, and water depth. Most characteristics of ocean waves depend on the relationship between their wavelength and water depth.

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How are transverse waves and compressional waves similar and different?

When the energy is transfered through medium, the particles in the medium have to vibrate simple harmonically. If they vibrated in a perpendicular direction to the direction of propagation of the wave, then it is named as transverse wave. But in longitudinal wave, the vibrations of particles of the medium will be paralled to the direction of propagation of the wave. So this is the most important difference. Another most important requirement for the propagation of transverse wave through material medium is that the medium has to be cohesive. Hence as gas has no cohesion, no chance for transverse waves to get propagated through gas medium. Similarity is that in both energy is being porpagated in the form of disturbance.

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Are p-waves and s-waves transverse or longitudinal waves?

P-waves are longitudinal and S-waves are transverse waves.

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Are p waves faster than s waves and surface waves?

Yes. P-waves have the highest velocity of all seismic waves and surface waves have the lowest.

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Which are faster s waves and p waves or surface waves?

The fast is primary wave which travels through liguid, solid and gas. This how Geologist know the outer core is liquid. Secondary waves travel through only solid. The primary wave are the first to reach the seismograph.

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What did bats use sound waves for before sonar?

  • Ages before scientists developed sonar, bats were using sound waves for communication and navigation. At one time, people had thought that only bats possessed this ability, but later investigations have shown that a number of animals also use such means including some fish.

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How are sound waves and em waves produced?

  • Altogether, the entire range is called the electromagnetic spectrum. Sound waves: Sound waves are produced by mechanic al vibrations. EM waves: EM waves are produced by accelerating (or decelerating) charged particles.

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How are sine waves and aperiodic waves related?

  • On the other hand, if the sound contains aperiodic waves along with sine waves (which are periodic), then the sound will be perceived to be noisy, as noise is characterized as being aperiodic or having a non-repetitive pattern.

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How are radio waves and microwave waves described?

  • Radio and microwaves are usually described in terms of frequency (Hertz), infrared and visible light in terms of wavelength (meters), and x-rays and gamma rays in terms of energy (electron volts). This is a scientific convention that allows the convenient use of units that have numbers that are neither too large nor too small.

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How are em waves and matter waves related?

  • EM waves are said to be of transverse nature hence is measured by amplitude and wavelength. Matter Waves are associated with moving particles and are the result of the motion of electron, proton, neutron, and other fundamental particles along with atoms and molecules.

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What are longitudinal waves and transverse waves examples?

  • Water waves. Water waves are an example of a combination of both longitudinal and transverse waves…
  • Rayleigh surface waves. Rayleigh surface waves is another example of a combination of both longitudinal and transverse waves.

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A difference between sound waves and seismic waves?

Sound wave is is generated by a vibrating object.Whereas, seismic wave is the vibration generated by an earthquake or explosion.

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How are cold waves and heat waves related?

  • Cold spells are associated with increased mortality rates in populations around the world. Both cold waves and heat waves cause deaths, though different groups of people may be susceptible to different weather events.

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Can you feel p waves and s waves?

It feels more abrupt, but it attenuates very quickly, so if you are far away you often won't feel the P wave.” The second waves to arrive are called “S” (secondary) waves, and while these high-frequency waves are slower they are also larger, so they produce a much stronger jolt.

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How are sound waves and electromagnetic waves transfer?

  • Magnetic waves transfer through a deformed medium. The electromagnetic waves do not require a medium. They travel through vacuum. The sound waves use air as a medium to carry sounds. Seismic waves occur inside the Earth. The electromagnetic waves transmit light, radio, heat.

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Are shear waves and seismic waves the same?

A shear wave is a type of seismic wave.

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How do transverse waves and longitudinal waves differ?

The displacement of the particles in the transverse wave is perpendicular to the direction of flow of the wave, while that of the longitudinal wave is parallel to the direction of travel.

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How are sound waves and electromagnetic waves polarized?

  • For a wave to be polarized there must be two directions of propagations. Hence the sound waves are not polarized. Three electromagnetic waves have electric and magnetic fields pointing in the directions shown in Figure 25-23. For each of the three cases, state whether the wave propagates in the +x, −x, +y, −y, +z, or −z direction.

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Difference between infrared waves and red light waves?

Infrared waves have longer wavelengths compared to red light waves. The wavelengths of infrared waves are too long for the naked eye to see, while red light waves can be seen as part of visible light.

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How are transverse waves and compression waves similar?

they both make motion wave

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What do p waves and qrs waves represent?

P wave represent the electrical impulse across the right and left atrium. It travels across the atrial wall. Qrs complex indicates the electrical impulse through the myocardial ventricles. It travels through the bundle of HIS (GOD), right and left bundle branches and then across the right and left ventricular walls.

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Are electromagnetic waves and sound waves the same?

Electromagnetic waves are not like sound waves because they do not need molecules to travel. This means that electromagnetic waves can travel through air, solid objects and even space. This is how astronauts on spacewalks use radios to communicate. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave.

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