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☑️ Why did ben ross start the wave?

  • Ben Ross started the Wave, as a project for his history students. Ross felt his students were uninterested and lacked engagement in the curriculum. Thus, he decided to stir things up a bit and see if he could get the students to participate. He was successful..... beyond his wildest dreams.

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☑️ Why did ben ross call the wave meeting?

  • They were not one of them so they had to be taught a lesson. Ben Ross discovered that his wave group was getting way to serious; he called a meeting to tell his group that it was getting out of hand. He realized this when he discovered that other kids were getting hurt just because they choose not to participate in the group.

☑️ Who are laurie saunders and ben ross in the wave?

  • Laurie Saunders is a senior at Gordon High School. She is popular and studious and works as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, The Gordon Grapevine. She is frustrated because although she works hard, the rest of her staff is very lazy and the newspaper always puts out late issues. Meanwhile, Ben Ross is having similar problems.

☑️ Who are the main characters in the wave by ben ross?

  • The Wave begins as a mini-experiment among his high school seniors, and the students enjoy the new, regimented classroom rules Ross implements—and the novel sense of camaraderie they feel as they follow them together. Soon all of Gordon High is drawn to The Wave.

☑️ Todd strasser how was ben ross was affected either positively or negatively by the wave?

Ben Ross was affected naegatively by the Wave because he began to experience to much power. He wanted to be in control, so he felt like he had to keep the Wave to have that control. This is at first, why he didn't want to end it. He would get to caught up in it, until realizing that it had to end.

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How does the ocean wave wave?

gravity of course!

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Why does david call the wave the wave?

  • He calls this The Wave and teaches the students a salute that they can use with each other. David admires Mr. Ross’s ideas and teaches them to the football team, which always loses its games because the players don’t show up to practices. At home, Mr. Ross devotes more and more time to planning The Wave, something that upsets Christy.

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Is the longer the wave the deeper the wave base?

ballsacks bro,

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Which wave travels the fastest is it the p-wave or the s-wave?

P-Waves wich are Primary waves. Secondary waves come second. Surface waves come last.

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Is the heat wave the same as the light wave?

  • True, and more so , it is an emergent phenomenon from a multitude of photons. Is heat also an electromagnetic wave of certain wavelength other than light ? No. Heat is a macroscopic thermodynamic energy variable which , together with energy conservation, describes thermodynamic systems.

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Intensity of the wave vs. the speed of the wave?

height is the intensity, the distance covered by a wave divided by the time it takes is the speed. (ie. short waves = low intensity, fat waves = slow waves)

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Is the sine wave the same as the cosine wave?

  • {\\displaystyle \\cos (x)=\\sin (x+\\pi /2),} which is also a sine wave with a phase-shift of π/2 radians. Because of this head start, it is often said that the cosine function leads the sine function or the sine lags the cosine.

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Is the wave function an energy wave?

The wave function doesn't carry any energy or momenta? Energy and momentum are real numbers , the wavefunction is a function of complex variables.

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What wave is called the secondary wave?


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What wave has the highest wave height?

The highest-ever wave detected by a buoy has been recorded in the North Atlantic ocean, the World Meteorological Organization has said. The 19-metre (62.3ft) wave happened between Iceland and the United Kingdom, off the Outer Hebrides.

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Which of the wave is transverse wave?

Transverse wave, motion in which all points on a wave oscillate along paths at right angles to the direction of the wave's advance. Surface ripples on water, seismic S (secondary) waves, and electromagnetic (e.g., radio and light) waves are examples of transverse waves.

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Which wave has the shortest wave length?

gamma rays

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What wave has the longest wave length?

radio waves

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Is the p wave faster then the s wave?

P wave is indeed faster than the S wave. P = primary = arrives first S = secondary = arrives second

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The lowest point on a wave is the wave?

Minimum? Distance from equilibrium to minimum is the amplitude...

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Why is the k wave called the k-wave?

  • The time has come to finally stop beating around the bush because investment advisory firm Weiss Ratings recently confirmed that the K-Wave is currently underway. Named after Russian economist Nikolai Kondratieff, the K-Wave represents cycles (typically lasting anywhere between 40 to 60 years) experienced by capitalist economies.

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What was the first wave in the 5th wave?

  • So here's what humanity has to fear in The 5th Wave. The First Wave: Darkness The first wave of attack unleashed by the Others is in the form of a massive electromagnetic pulse, which knocks out electrical power worldwide and effectively sends mankind back to the stone age. The Second Wave: Destruction

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What is the fifth wave in the fifth wave?

The Fifth Wave is a group of highly trained young children and teenagers into finishing off whatever the Silencers didn't pick off from the fourth Wave—although these aforementioned "child soldiers" were fooled into thinking that they were assassinating the infested by Commander Vosch.

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What did the wave say to the other wave?

the joke is what did one ocean do to the other ocean? the answer for that is it waved

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What is the wave length of the water wave?

It is the distance between two successive crests of a wave.

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When to buy photos of the wave the wave?

  • Photos are available to purchase the hour after your surf. Our photographers are unable to photograph the lake between Monday 7th and Friday 11th June. We understand this might be disappointing and we hope our photographers can catch you in the waves again soon.

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When does the u wave exceed the t wave?

  • With serum potassium levels below 2.7 mmol/L (2.7 mEq/L) the U wave amplitude may exceed the T wave amplitude in the same lead 4. Prominent U waves (orange arrows), ST-segment depression and negative T waves (red arrows).

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Is the sine wave still above the lead wave?

  • The sine wave has been above the lead wave since Dec. 3rd of last year, staying with the up trend in $ SPX. Using the Mesa Sine Wave indicator is not going to provide perfect trending signals, nothing will. However it can be a great tool to help see trends on various time frames.

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What kind of wave is a wave in which the matter in the wave moves in the same direction as the wave?

That is called a longitudinal wave

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What's the difference between the leatherman wave and the wave plus?

  • Standout Features of the Leatherman Wave. Smaller size for pocketability: While the Leatherman Wave Plus measures 4 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches, which isn’t huge, the original Leatherman Wave is even more compact and ergonomic, measuring 3.94 x 1.38 x 0.59 inches. Despite its smaller size, the Wave still includes a 2.9-inch blade, just like the Wave Plus.

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What is the fastest the big wave or the small wave?

the middle wave!

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What are the differentiate the sine wave and cosine wave?

The differential of the sine function is the cosine function while the differential of the cosine function is the negative of the sine function.

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How is the triangle wave similar to the square wave?

  • The triangle wave is comparable to the square wave in that it contains a fundamental sound plus odd harmonics. The power of each harmonic in the triangle wave is twice as low as their counterparts in the square wave.

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Is the wave function the same as an ordinary wave?

  • The wavefunction is a complex valued function of which the amplitude (absolute value) gives the probability distribution. However it does not behave in the same way as an ordinary wave. In quantum mechanics, we talk about the state of a system.

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What is the speed of the wave a travelling wave?

  • Wave speed is the distance the wave travels in a given amount of time, such as the number of meters it travels per second. The equation that represents the wave speed is given as follows: If an ocean wave crest travels a distance of 30 m in 10 seconds, then the speed of the ocean wave is 3 m/s.

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Which is longer the top wave or the second wave?

  • The top wave clearly has a shorter wavelength than the second wave. However, if you picture yourself at a stationary point watching these waves pass by, more waves of the first kind would pass by in a given amount of time. Thus the frequency of the first waves is greater than that of the second waves.

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Why the wave length does not affect the wave speed?

Because it only resembles the wavelength, the speed is how fast the wave travels. two waves of the same size can travel at the same speed Wave speed is affected by a combination of wavelength and frequency, not just one alone.

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Is the french new wave part of the new wave?

  • (For reference, you can see the New Wave Encyclopedia for films we consider to be a part of the French New Wave.)

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What happens in the first wave of the 5th wave?

  • The first wave of attack unleashed by the Others is in the form of a massive electromagnetic pulse, which knocks out electrical power worldwide and effectively sends mankind back to the stone age. Next, the Others trigger a massive earthquake in the world's oceans, causing city-high tsunamis that wipe out coastal population centers.

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When was the first wave of the 5th wave published?

  • It was published on May 7, 2013. The novel is a bestseller and has been compared to various post-apocalyptic, young-adult fiction, such as The Hunger Games and The Road . On, January 22, 2016, Columbia Pictures released a film adaption . After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape.

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Why do surfers call the biggest wave the set wave?

  • The explanation is simple. The waves in the back move forward, grow in size, and then diminish as they reach the front. As a result, surfers tend to notice that the fifth or seventh is the biggest and call it the set wave. But they forget to analyze the pattern that comes right after the big one.

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How does david feel about the wave in the wave?

  • David is easily swept up in The Wave, enjoying the solidarity, camaraderie, and “power” it creates throughout the school. He leaps at the chance to bring The Wave to the football team in hopes of inspiring teamwork and discipline, but even when his plan fails to bring the team glory, he retains faith in The Wave’s power.

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Why is the t wave longer than the depolarization wave?

  • Generally, the T wave exhibits a positive deflection. The T wave is longer in duration than the QRS complex that represents depolarization. The longer duration occurs because conduction of the repolarization wave is slower than the wave of depolarization.

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What is the differentiate the sine wave and cosine wave?

  • Key Difference: Sine and cosine waves are signal waveforms which are identical to each other. The main difference between the two is that cosine wave leads the sine wave by an amount of 90 degrees . A sine wave depicts a reoccurring change or motion.

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What is the wave lenght of a wave?

in order to find the wavelength, you measure the distance from one crest to the next.

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What is the wave length of radio wave?

Their wavelengths vary from 1 mm to 100000 km.

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A shock wave is the result of wave?

Shock waves are formed when a pressure front moves at supersonic speeds and pushes on the surrounding air.

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What is the wave length of standing wave?

it depends on the size of the wave

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Is the standing wave pattern actually a wave?

  • A standing wave pattern is not actually a wave; rather it is the pattern resulting from the presence of two waves of the same frequency with different directions of travel within the same medium. What are Nodes and Antinodes?

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What is the wave length of a wave?

If you take a snapshot of a physical wave (such as an ocean wave) using a camera for example, you can then measure the distance from one peak to the next. The spacing is the wavelength. See the "mathematical description" section of the related link. When an an electromagnetic wave is discussed, the wavelength is equal to the quotient (speed of light / frequency). The formula applies to other waves too, just that the speed of light being replaced with the speed of the specific wave in question. For a traveling wave, see the "simple harmonic motion" illustration in the link -- the peak of the wave is moving at a finite speed to the right (i.e. wave speed). The wave frequency is how many times, at any spot in space (the center line, or the two boundaries of the "simple harmonic motion" illustration can be selected to do the counting), the wave peaks, troughs, and then peak again. Visible lights, X-rays, microwave, and gamma rays, all have a range of frequencies published in the literature.

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What kind of wave is the p-wave?

It is a primary wave, that moves in a push-pull motion.

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Does loose wave and body wave the same?

  • Both the body wave hair and the loose wave hair are both made form the best of 100% real human hair, Best of virgin hair, no chemical treatment as well as a wavy pattern. As compared to the Body wave, the loose wave comes in a wavier pattern. Both the body wave, as well as the loose wave, are well accepted by the fashion women.

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Who is the ceo of wave wave financial?

  • To get to that future, we will be the simplest, all-in-one financial management solution small business owners can’t live without. Kirk is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. He’s a serial entrepreneur, having started multiple businesses before launching Wave in 2010.

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What electromagnetic wave has the longest wave length?

first we must ask our selves do these waves really exist?

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Is deep wave and water wave the same?

How does a wave work in deep water?

  • In deep water, longer period waves propagate faster and transport their energy faster . The deep-water group velocity is half the phase velocity. In shallow water, for wavelengths larger than twenty times the water depth, as found quite often near the coast, the group velocity is equal to the phase velocity.

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