What are p waves s waves and l waves?

Jamison Ferry asked a question: What are p waves s waves and l waves?
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P waves travel fastest and are the first to arrive from the earthquake… The different S waves arrive after the P waves. The slowest (and latest to arrive on seismograms) are surface waves, such as the L wave. L waves are named for the Cambridge mathematician A.E.H. Love who first described them.


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☑️ What waves are electromagnetic waves?

your question is kind of general, but i would say a transverse wave.

☑️ What waves are not mechanical waves?

Water waves and sound waves are examples of mechanical waves. Light waves are not considered mechanical waves because they don't involve the motion of matter.

☑️ What are facts about ultraviolet waves waves?

10 facts about the wave painting by hokusia

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a P wave is a primary wave. It is a compression wave, which means the particles of its medium (in this case, the ground) move in the same direction as the energy that is being transferred. (P waves are analagous to "sound waves", since air compresses in order to reach our eardrums) an S wave is the secondary wave. It is a transverse wave, which means the particles of its medium move at right angles to the energy that is being transferred. (S waves are analagous to ocean waves, as the water molecules oscillate only up or down while the wave itself can move many miles from the origin) In the case of Earth's architecture, S waves caused by earthquakes dissipate quickly when reaching the liquid outer core as they are "absorbed" by the liquid's physical properties due to density. An L wave generally refers to any type of surface wave following the P or S wave. More specifically, the term gets its name from AEH Love, who discovered the "Love Wave". However there have been at least one other surface wave discovered since Love's wave (ie: Rayleigh waves)

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What waves have the most light waves?

Light wave is an electromagnetic wave, so light waves are a kind of wave. I don't understand what you mean by what waves have the most light waves. It's not possible to emit a combination of different kinds of waves (such mechanical, EM wave, sound wave) from a single source.

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What controls waves?

The wave equation (mathematically-speaking).

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What waves move?

All of them move. The whole idea of a wave is that energy, in the form of some disturbance, is transferred from one place to another.

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What are longitudinal waves and transverse waves examples?

  • Water waves. Water waves are an example of a combination of both longitudinal and transverse waves…
  • Rayleigh surface waves. Rayleigh surface waves is another example of a combination of both longitudinal and transverse waves.

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What are the sound waves called mechanical waves?

The sound waves are called mechanical waves because they need a material medium (like solid, liquid or gas) for thir propagation. The sound waves involve the vibrations of the particles of the medium through which they travel.

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What are waves the most destructive seismic waves?

  • Rayleigh waves are the rolling waves. These waves roll as water waves roll in sea or ocean these are the most destructive waves. These seismic waves produce a long wave on the seismographs.

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What do p waves and qrs waves represent?

P wave represent the electrical impulse across the right and left atrium. It travels across the atrial wall. Qrs complex indicates the electrical impulse through the myocardial ventricles. It travels through the bundle of HIS (GOD), right and left bundle branches and then across the right and left ventricular walls.

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What kind of waves are called light waves?

  • “Light waves” are called photons. As to what “type” of wave, this question will get you more answers then what you’ve bargained for. There are three different kinds of waves: Mechanical waves. -transverse waves, longitudinal waves, and surface waves. Electromagnetic waves. Matter waves.

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What kind of waves are called rogue waves?

  • Rogues, called 'extreme storm waves' by scientists, are those waves which are greater than twice the size of surrounding waves, are very unpredictable, and often come unexpectedly from directions other than prevailing wind and waves. Most reports of extreme storm waves say they look like "walls of water."

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What two types of waves are light waves?

The Different Types of Light Waves. Radio waves are at the red end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The red end is also the lowest energy, the lowest frequency and the longest wavelength. Radio waves are mostly used in communications, to send signals from one place to another.

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What type of mechanical waves are water waves?

Surface wave APEX

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What types of waves are considered body waves?

A body wave is a seismic wave that moves through the interior of the earth, as opposed to surface waves that travel near the earth's surface. P and S waves are body waves.

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What are the differences between s-waves p-waves and surface waves?

P-waves are Primary waves initially released from the Focus of an earthquake. A P-wave is a longitudinal wave or a compression wave with the force applied in the direction that the wave is travelling. These waves compress and expand and are called primary waves because they are the first waves to reach the seismometer.S-waves are secondary waves that vibrate in a transversedirection (from side and side as well as up and down). S-waves are not able to travel through liquids unlike P-waves.P and S-waves are known collectively as body waves because they travel within materials.Surface waves on the other hand travel along the outer surface of a material and are split into two main types, the Love wave and the Rayleigh wave.Surface waves cause high amplitude motions of the Earth's surface and are the most damaging to buildings.

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What kind of waves does sound have transverse waves or compression waves?

Sound is a compressional wave.

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What waves require a medium and what waves do not?

Mechanical waves require a medium (substance) to travel in, other waves do not. For example, sound is a mechanical wave and require a medium (air, water, etc.), light is not a mechanical wave and does not require a medium

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What type of waves are found after radio waves and before infrared waves?


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What affects sound waves?

one thing that can propagate sound is if you were to place somthing of which emmits sound in a vacum. The sound waves will propagate in the vacum, because The matter which supports the sound called the medium no longer exists. Source, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound

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What are body waves?

Body waves are seismic waves that travel through the earth, rather than across the surface. body waves generally have higher speeds and shorter wave lengths than surface waves. .

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What are coherent waves?

COHERENT WAVESWhen the light waves are emitted from a single source and they have the zero phase difference between them then the waves are said to be coherent. The coherent waves are shown below:

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What are compression waves?

  1. A compression wave is when the particles in a wave are close together and not spread out.
  2. A compression wave is where the pressure in the waves is higher than atmospheric pressure in that particular area where the particles come together.

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What are compressional waves?

  • Compressional Wave. Definition - What does Compressional Wave mean? A compressional wave, also known as a mechanical longitudinal wave or compression wave, is a longitudinal wave that produces compression and rarefaction when it travels through a medium.

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What are concussion waves?

A concussion wave - is a blast of energy given of when something explodes. The explosion compresses the air immediately surrounding the site of detonation. This compressed air expands outwards in all directions from the source - growing weaker the further the wave travels. Any people close to the source of detonation would be affected by the blast wave.

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