What is a sine wave filter?

Bettie Daugherty asked a question: What is a sine wave filter?
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Sine wave filters are low pass frequency filters which convert the rectan- gular PWM output signal of motor drives into a smooth sine wave voltage. with low residual ripple. Sine wave filters, also known as LC-filters or named. sinusoidal filters, are mainly used in combination with variable speed drives.

  • A “ sine wave ” output filter goes another step beyond the dv/dt filter. These filters are “tuned” to the characteristics of the typical VFD output modulation, and effectively eliminate or greatly reduce the carrier frequency effects of modulation. These filters have been successful at lead lengths of up to 15,000 feet.

Sinus filters, as the name suggests, are used to convert the output voltage of the frequency converter into a sinusoidal voltage. Frequency converters generate high electrical interference signals on the motor cable, which not only disturb the load, but also increase the insulation load on the motor.

  • Sine wave filters (also known as sinusoidal filters) are passive components used to provide electrical circuits with the correct frequencies to ensure optimal performance. They are low pass devices which means they let low-frequency signals pass but block or impede high frequency signals.

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