What wave is produced in nuclear explosions?

Nicolas Nolan asked a question: What wave is produced in nuclear explosions?
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👋 What type of wave are produced by earthquake and explosions?


👋 What type of waves are produced by earthquakes and explosions?

seismic waves

👋 What causes manhole explosions in heat wave?

What causes an explosion in a manhole cover?

  • It is not uncommon that manhole explosion occurs nowadays. Manhole covers are dislodged from the frames which is associated with a release of energy. Manhole explosion occurs mostly owing to the ignition and combustion of flammable gas. Sources of flammable gas include the followings:

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Blast wave, as with any other explosive bomb.

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What types of wave produced on the string?

Stationary transverse waves are produced on strings. This is due to the superimposition of the progressive wave and its reflection at the knife edges.

What wave are produced by stars and galaxies?
  • The Doppler Effect in Astronomy The Doppler effect is of intense interest to astronomers who use the information about the shift in frequency of electromagnetic waves produced by moving stars in our galaxy and beyond in order to derive information about those stars and galaxies.
A wave produced by an earthquake?

seismic waves

How does sound wave produced energy?

They don't exactly produce energy; they haveenergy. Under certain circumstances, this energy can be converted to other forms of energy.

How is a carrier wave produced?

With an oscillator.

How is a light wave produced?

Electromagnetic waves (photons) are produced anytime a charged particle experiences a change in velocity.. The electromagnetic wave (radiation) that is produced when the charge particle changes it's velocity is how energy is conserved. This energy is light. A simple example of this is in the production of microwaves.

How is a sound wave produced?
  • Vibration of an object is what produces sound waves. The vibrating object moves in one direction and compresses the air directly in front of it.
How is a square wave produced?

Square waves are typically generated by metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) devices due to their rapid on–off electronic switching behavior, in contrast to BJT transistors which slowly generate signals more closely resembling sine waves rather than square waves.

How is a standing wave produced?

Standing waves are formed by the superposition of two travelling waves of the same frequency (with the same polarisation and the same amplitude) travelling in opposite directions. This is usually achieved by using a travelling wave and its reflection, which will ensure that the frequency is exactly the same.

How is an electromagnetic wave produced?

electromagnetic waves are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles. electromagnetic waves are also called electromagnetic radiation because they radiate from electrically charged particles.

How is an em wave produced?

By the interactions of Electric and Magnetic fields perpendicular to it.

How is an ultrasound wave produced?

Crystals of materials such as quartz vibrate very fast when electricity is passed through them—an effect called “piezoelectricity.” As they vibrate, they manipulate the air around them and the fluids they come in contact with, producing ultrasound waves.

How is the wave power produced?

wave power is prodused by the wind;the wind blows the sea,water etc and creates a huge ditch it therefore makes massive wave

How is tidal wave energy produced?
  • Tidal energy is energy produced by the tides of the ocean. Tides are produced by the pull of gravity from the Moon as well as the spin of the Earth. There is a lot of energy in the movement of that much water.
When is a standing wave produced?

When waves equal in wavelength and amplitude, but traveling in opposite directions, continuously interfere with each other.

Where is yamaha wave runner produced?

Now the stock shortage has just gotten worse for Yamaha, with a confidential bulletin confirming it has been forced to pause WaveRunner production at the company's factory in Georgia, USA, for three weeks in March 2021 while it waits for parts from outside suppliers.

What is a sound wave as produced by bats?
  • Bats navigate and find insect prey using echolocation. They produce sound waves at frequencies above human hearing, called ultrasound. The sound waves emitted by bats bounce off objects in their environment. Then, the sounds return to the bats' ears, which are finely tuned to recognize their own unique calls.
What is a wave and how is it produced?
  • Sound waves occur when an object vibrates and transfers that energy into the air or another medium. When a vibrating object moves forward, it compresses the air molecules in front of it, and when it moves backward, it leaves a gap where they can expand or rarefy .
What is the energy produced by a electromagnetic wave?

Electromagnetic Waves don't produce energy, they carry it. A photon's energy is given by E=hf, with h= planck's constant and f= frequency.

What kind of wave is produced by an earthquake?
  • STUDY PLAY seismic waves are waves produced by earthquakes P wave also known as longitudinal seismic waves S wave also known as transverse seismic waves surface wave is a combination of a longitudinal wave and a transverse wave that travels along the surface of a medium tsunami is a huge surface wave on the ocean caused by an underwater earthquake
What pollution is produced by a wave power station?

No pollution.