When did blue cat records end?

Retta Luettgen asked a question: When did blue cat records end?
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☑️ When did blue amberol records end?

Blue Amberol Records ended in 1929.

☑️ When did blue beat records end?

Blue Beat Records ended in 1990.

☑️ When did blue lake records end?

Blue Lake Records ended in 1956.

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Blue Cat Records ended in 1969.

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When was blue thumb records created?

Blue Thumb Records was created in 1968.

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Who is the owner of blue note records?

The current owner of Blue Notes Records is Universal. Universal acquired EMI in 2012. EMI the previous owner bought United Artists Records in 1979. URS had previously absorbed Blue Notes records in 1969. Blue Notes Recorrds was founded by Alfred Lion, Francis Wolff, and Max Margulis.

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When did revival records end?

Revival Records ended in 1974.

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When did tiara records end?

Tiara Records ended in 1959.

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When was borderline records created?

Borderline Records was created in 1989.

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When was contemporary records created?

Contemporary Records was created in 1951.

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When was qrs records created?

QRS Records was created in 1928.

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When was revival records created?

Revival Records was created in 1971.

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When was tiara records created?

Tiara Records was created in 1958.

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When was turbulence records created?

Turbulence Records was created in 2005.

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When did fifth colvmn records end?

Fifth Colvmn Records ended in 1997.

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When was broken bow records created?

Broken Bow Records was created in 1999-07.

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When was minimal wave records created?

Minimal Wave Records was created in 2005.

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When was red house records created?

Red House Records was created in 1981.

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When a company records depreciation it debits?

debits expense accounts and credits contra accounts

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When do blue wave boats open for tours?

  • A. Blue Wave Boats welcomes all visitors for plant tours. We are currently available for tours Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Please call 405-382-0349 and speak with the Customer Service Representative to schedule your tour. Q. How may I obtain parts and accessories for my Blue Wave Boat?

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When does the blue wave start in hawaii?

  • Hawaii's Kalani Chapman rides a wave at Pipeline on January 5, 2021 at Oahu's north shore in Haleiwa, Hawaii. The “blue wave” is back on on Wall Street.

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When was chonburi blue wave futsal club created?

Chonburi Blue Wave Futsal Club was created in 2006.

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What are the materials in vinyl records?

vinyl and paper for the logo

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When do i receive my blue wave boat warranty card?

  • Blue Wave Boats must receive warranty transfer within 10 days of sale along with a notarized copy of the bill of sale. The original owner's warranty card must be on file at Blue Wave Boats. Please send the notarized copy of the bill of sale to:

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How are reimbursed expenses recorded in accounting records?

  • Now the expenditure path goes completely around the seller, and the buyer pays. The seller records no expense, and no revenue. You get the same result in your accounting records if you use the seller’s reimbursement payment to simply offset those expenses in your records, which flushes out the expense.

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What kind of records does epic music produce?

Epic Music produces a wide range of musical styles such as classical, drum and bass, rock, blue grass, pop, hip-hop, new wave, electronic, country, and even sound effects.

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