Where is the wave house tiktok located?

Georgette Jenkins asked a question: Where is the wave house tiktok located?
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In a content house first, The Wave House, a luxury property near London, will be hosting both British and American TikTok influencers. In each eight-minute long weekly episode over three months, the internet celebrities will be taking on fun and nail-biting challenges.


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👋 Who owns the wave house tiktok?

The Wave House is the brainchild of Yoke Network, the world's largest TikTok influencer network that brings brands and influencers together. Yoke Network is home to 2,000 of the world's biggest TikTok stars, boasting an audience of 600,000,000.

👋 Is there a wave house on tiktok uk?

  • There are multiple groups of these young creators on the platform, including U.K.’s own Wave House. But because it’s so new, people have lots of questions about it.

👋 Where is the wave house located?

Six social media influencers in their early 20s who have dubbed themselves 'The Wave House', have moved into a £5million mansion in the British countryside,on the outskirts of London, where they will live together and create videos for the platform.

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  • Hours vary by location. We have car wash facilities throughout the St. Louis and Metro East areas including: Concord Village, The Hill, Fenton, Chesterfield Valley, Sunset Hills, Ellisville, Hazelwood, and Collinsville, Illinois. Copyright © 2016 Tidal Wave Luxury Wash. All rights reserved.