Where is the wave pool in australia?

Tristin Hermann asked a question: Where is the wave pool in australia?
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  • To refresh your memory on the details – the pool is a man-made, eight acre pond in Central QLD Australia that creates concentric waves radiating outwards from the “central wave device” (the plunger). Apparently, this tech can generate up to 10 separate surfable waves from each pulse of plunger.

Broadbeach-based company Surf Lakes built the facility in 2018 near the town of Yeppoon on. The pool uses 'five wave' technology to produce five different levels of waves around the lake, using a giant plunger driven by compressed air at the center.

Where is the best place to stay for wave pool surfing?

  • This is the place to start the wave pool surfing journey. While there are very few options for staying at Kelly Slater’s wave in Lemoore, Melbourne is a thriving, culturally diverse city with a heavy art and cafe scene, so cool, hip hostels and guest stays abound along with high-end hotels.

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