Why does my bearded dragon wave at me?

Maynard Considine asked a question: Why does my bearded dragon wave at me?
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  • Before we jump into the possible causes and reasons that a bearded dragon might wave, we should formally identify this behavior first. The reason it’s important to do this is that many owners actually misinterpret other forms of arm movement for waving.
  • In the wild, female beardies will sometimes wave at a male to signal that she’s interested. If you have a male bearded dragon or only own one, the chances are pretty slim that this is the reason for waving. However, if you have a female and more than one beardie it’s possible that this could be the cause.

The most common reason why a bearded dragon waves is as a sign of submission. Where head bobbing displays dominance, and will typically be shown by alpha males or females, waving is a submissive sign usually given by dragons who view themselves in a subservient or beta position.

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