Why does my facebook wave with a bicycle?

Gaetano Rath asked a question: Why does my facebook wave with a bicycle?
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How to wave to people on Facebook?

  • The process of waving to people on Facebook is very easy. Check if your friend is active on Facebook chat messenger. Look for a green dot. You will see a hand appearing if you move the cursor near the green dot. Just click on it. And you can wave at your friend. You can also see when your friend waves back at you.

Why are users angry about the Facebook wave button?

  • Users are angry about the Facebook "wave" button as they get caught out stalking. Facebook is slowly phasing out the poke and replacing it with a "hello" button, most commonly known as the "wave" button due to its waving hand icon. Since it was introduced as a trial about a month ago, people haven't stopped complaining.

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